99%Media Lebanon


IMRT blends research, production, training and advocacy to help citizens innovatively harness the power of media and advance human rights, freedom of expression, peace, and social justice.

99%Media Lebanon

IMRT's 99%Media Lebanon aims to create high quality socially and politically engaging media content in collaboration with academics, students, activists and CSOs.  The project operates on a horizontal democracy basis and encourages teamwork and collaboration among students, academics and activists. 99%Media Lebanon is a partnership project between IMRT and 99%Media Quebec, an independent media for social justice.

Serving Academic & Activist Communities 

99%Media Lebanon provides high-quality production services to academic and non-profit organizations at an affordable cost to help them reach their advocacy goals and promote their social justice causes. It also produces its own advocacy and instructional media content and campaigns. By engaging students, academics, and activists in high-quality low-cost productions, the project aims to offer aspiring media producers, journalists and filmmakers a real-world experience in a safe low-risk environment to test creative and innovative ideas, while helping activists and academics with limited resources to effectively promote their organizations, research, and causes. For media production services, please email us.  

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Future Plans

99%Media is a perpetually evolving organic concept built on the principles of social justice, human rights values, and horizontal democracy. 99%Media aims to become a recognized of information that adheres to proper principles of research and journalism in addition to advocating the norms enacted within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We aim to eventually become a significant socially relevant content creator that produces documentaries, short videos, talk shows, and to develop new forms of content that better fits an ever-changing media landscape.

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