Gendered Representations in Ads

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Gendered Representations in Ads

Spring 2020

This study will examine the representation of women and men in Lebanese advertisements, highlighting the harmful gendered stereotypical depictions and the subsequent negative impact on Lebanese society. The project will first conduct a content analysis of 300 advertisements, focusing on instances of sexual objectification, infantilization, thinness and body types, race and complexion, youngness and unattainable physical standards, surgical body alterations and audiovisual/graphic modification, male-dominance and female-subordination, domestication and traditional social roles. Guided by the results of the content analysis, the researchers will then conduct a focus group with 12-15 members of the advertising industry, particularly those in decision-making positions and who may influence advertising content and production.

Lead Researchers

Jad Melki, Director of the Institute of Media Research and Training, Lebanese American University 
Gretchen King, Pedagogy and Curriculum Design Director of Institute of Media Research and Training, Lebanese American University
Sarah Kaskas, Assistant Professor of Film at the Department of Communication Arts, Lebanese American University
Anna Antonakis, Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Media Research and Training, Lebanese American University
Myriam Sfeir, Director of the Arab Institute for Women, Lebanese American University


This study is supported by a generous grant from the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) and Hivos Foundation.