Media Uses During Protests

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Media Uses During Protests

Spring 2020

This study is part of the ongoing Media/War program of the Institute of Media Research and Training (IMRT) at the Lebanese American University (LAU). The Media and War program covers a broad area of research that situates media research within the context of Arab wars, conflicts and politics. It includes researching the relationship between media and terrorism, the media uses of non-state actors and guerilla groups, and the framing of war and conflict. 

Melki, Jad, & Kozman, Claudia. (2020). Media Uses and Trusts During Protests. Media/War Program. Institute of Media Research and Training, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon.


Lead Researchers:

Dr. Jad Melki, Associate Professor of Media Studies & Multimedia Journalism and chaiperson of the Department of Communication Arts

Dr. Claudia Kozman, Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism


Download the full English study in PDF

See here the Full Arabic Study